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About DNJS
DNJS is a JavaScript Library developed by myself (Deshan Nawanjana). The main perpose of this library is to make the web application development process faster and easier. With the modern web technology, we assume that web applications are much better than the applications we install on our PC because of security, rapidness and minimal space consumption. Your software will be one web search away from you to reach and use. DNJS lirary provides various modules to handle web browser features as a web application to develop GUI, events and make faster connection between server and client (front-end and back-end). The library was initially developed only for myself but today, it's free for anyone to use for their web application designs.
Main Library is coming up with major functions commonly use in JavaScript programming and there are external modules that you can combine with DNJS for any specific work. This extra modules always depend on main library therefore, it is necessary to include the main library in the begining.

- Deshan Nawanjana
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